⭐️Raw Deal Raw Deal is a post-modern DDH Raw Ale made with long time pals Working Title, from Brisvegas in QLD. NZ malted barley, oats, and spelt make up a super lush base for a huge double dry hopping of Kohia Nelson Hop/Passionfruit Blend, Peacharine, Motueka and ‘23 Citra hops. Considered a “raw ale’ due to a boiling time of zero, and never getting above the temperature of hot bath, we’ve taken this inspiration and put a modern IPA twist on this old classic. Think lychee tin juice, hard passionfruit candy, white wine mojito vibes poured fresh from the tank. Unfortunately that's not possible, so this sud tube will have to do. What a Raw Deal. Amiright? STYLE:DDH Hazy IPA ABV:7.5% ⭐️Chatahoochee Chattahoochee is a contemporary Double IPA on a foundation of premium malted pale barley, spelt, and rolled oats. Generously hopped with a hand-selected trial crop of deviated Riwaka, which we discovered and adored during our visit to Eggers Hop Farm in NZ earlier this year. So enamoured were we with it that we secured the entire harvest. Codenamed LilyTM this limited and unique hop embodies everything we admire about Kem’s work at Egger Hops. Complemented by Moteuka and a touch of Citra, expect passionfruit hard candy, dried citrus rind, and POG juice vibes all within a full and fresh finish. STYLE:Hazy DIPA ABV:8% ⭐️Straight Up Straight up is a contemporary India Pale Ale crafted on a foundation of premium NZ malted Barley, oats, and rolled spelt. Generously hopped with kiwi-only conesSouthern X, Moteuka, and the coveted PeacharineTM from the freestyle hops farm in Nelson, NZ-this IPA promises a juicy and tropical fruit-forward profile with a pronounced hop character and a soft finish. STYLE:DDH NZ IPA ABV:6.5% ⭐️Liquid Phantasm Our most highly hopped beer to date at over 35g/L, Liquid Phantasm is an ultra-modern DIPA using a new liquidised version of Phantasm™, along with a selected batch of the OG powder, supercharged “Super-Sauvin” hops, and the freshest 2024 Motueka crop flown direct from the Freestyle hop farm in Sunrise Valley, and lashings of NZ Superdelic hop. In combination with a thiol-active yeast strain, an extended conditioning time, and a dose of Motueka and Nelson SubZero Hop Kief™, expect an extremely potent thiol bomb with a hyper-charged hop character. Tu meke! STYLE:TDH DIPA ABV:8.1% IBU:N/A Vol:440ml Made in Australia 🔞根據香港法律, 不得在業務過程中, 向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。 🔞Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.