⭐️Locked On Locked On is a brand new fruited sour straight out of our pilot program. On a base of wheat, spelt, barley, and rye we’ve combined three types of lactobacillus and let them work their magic over 3 weeks before fermenting out with a Belgian yeast on a blend of morello and sweet cherries. The result is a tart, slightly acetic, acidity with a deep, full cherry character while a small addition of fresh cherry juice at canning provides a sweet and fruit-forward structure. STYLE:Sour ABV:8.3% ⭐️Red Lagoonies Red Lagoonies is a brand new smoothie sour collaboration with our favourite fruit supplier and all round mega-legend Greg The Berry Man. We’ve been working with the Big G for years now and it's about time we made a fruit-laden sud tube with him. This number combines our thick and lactose-heavy kettle sour base with a plunderous bounty of Australian strawberry, dragonfruit, pomegranate, lychee, banana, and coconut creme. The year of the dragon is here. STYLE:Smoothie Sour ABV:5.7% ⭐️In Too Deep Strawberry, Banana, Tangerine, Marshmallow STYLE:Smoothie Sour ABV:6% ⭐️Join The Dots Join The Dots is a new topped-up-to-the-brim kettle sour that's been given our full Ice-Cream Smoothie Treatment. Starting with a lactose and wheat heavy base soured with our house lacto culture, we’ve then gone and rolled up some mean dots of mango, raspberry, blackcurrant, and marshmallow, with a touch of vanilla ice cream powder. Join it all up and come find the big picture with us. STYLE:Smoothie Sour ABV:6% ⭐️Amigo Amigo is a sorbet-style sour ale we’ve wanted to make for a long time here at One Drop. With summer closing in we wanted to pay homage to the days of late, where sunshine is king and good times are had all around. What better tribute than an obtusely loaded up kettle-sour with drums of passionfruit, apricot, and peach puree sitting shotgun with coconut water and sorbet powder? Here’s to salud and sunshine! STYLE:Smoothie Sour ABV:6.6% ⭐️Dragonfruit Double take You are holding in your hand a can containing no less than 1 and a quarter individual Dragonfruits blended into one of our biggest sour bases to date. We’ve doubled down on al l the good stuff your favourite sour had to offer. Double the lacto, twice the ABV, and an overhaul of our al ready absurd fruit dosing rate which will have you doing a Double Take. We have packed a mind-bending 420 grams of Dragonfruit into every litre. With the oozing fruit, puckering tartness, and antioxidant rush this beer is a jedi mind trick on the soul. Big Dragonfruit -y love to you all. STYLE:Fruited Sour ABV: ⭐️Pressure Drop Pressure Drop is an absurd unit of a smoothie sour with a boatload of Aussie banana, strawberries, and blueberries rounded out with PNG Vanilla beans, and a double dose of Bega, NSW lactose. Fermented on the fruit with another addition added at packaging, expect a dominant berry flavour with a much-welcome dose of vanilla for a hint of rounding sweetness and a thick mouthfeel. STYLE:Smoothie Sour ABV:6.5% ⭐️Swing Low Brewed with date syrup, lactose, and a delicious mix of banana and white chocolate, this Easter treat gets even better with fresh coconut creme and a touch of natural bourbon vanilla extract at canning. Swing low champions, Easter time glory awaits. STYLE:Smoothie Sour ABV:5.5% ⭐️Liquid Chocolate The tenth dip into our Liquid Series: A pure, unadulterated focus on complete saturation. Introducting Liquid Chocolate. STYLE:Pastry Stout ABV:10.9% IBU:N/A Vol:440ml Made in Australia 🔞根據香港法律, 不得在業務過程中, 向未成年人售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。 🔞Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.